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An educational

urban farm & garden project

The World In A Garden educates community and youth about the nutritional, cultural and environmental aspects of growing and eating food.




Water use has been increasing at twice the rate of population growth over the last century. Harvesting rain water is easy to do, reduces environmental stress, can lower residential water bills and reduce total water usage. It also supports Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020 Action Plan to reduce per capita water consumption by 33% from 2006 levels.

Why Rain Barrels?
• With a focus on sustainable food production in urban spaces, we feel we can have an large impact on how people use water at home, in personal or community gardens, in school and park gardens or on urban farm sites throughout BC.

• Rain barrels are a sustainable solution for school or community gardens that do not have direct water access

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Our Barrels
Our rain barrels will come equipped with “rain barrel kits” that contain a lesson plan on rain water harvesting and how to plant a rain garden, as well as an educational video and usage instructions.

Using recycled blue barrels from LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, artists from Emily Carr University of Art + Design have created five beautiful designs, and materials from Flexahopper Plastics Ltd. complete the workings.

Barrel Designs for order form

We are working to distribute 250 barrels and save 325,000 gallons (1,231,750 litres) of rain water. Our goal is to have a positive impact on the environment and make a positive impact in our community where citizens permanently change the way they interact with our most valuable resource, water.

Our rain barrels are a low-cost way to reduce runoff, reduce household water usage, and save you money while improving the quality of streams and neighborhoods.

Order yours today! Order an artisan rain barrel for your home or business or purchase a barrel and gift it to a school garden. For corporate sponsorship opportunities, please contact us.

In North America, during the summer months it is estimated that nearly 40 percent of household water is used for lawn and garden maintenance. A rain barrel collects water and stores it for those times that you need it most — during the dry summer months. As teachers we encourage conservation in a time of climate change.We want our students to be part of the next generation of citizens ready to face the future…and with water management being a top priority, The World In A Garden rain barrel kit is the perfect fit!
Jocelyn Demers teacher at VMS and educational filmmaker of Monde

At Forage Restaurant, our philosophy is all about community, from where we grow and procure our food to the diners that join us each day . Our Water Ways program continues that feeling of community, by allowing us to donate funds to organizations that reach out further into our region, providing education, hands on experiences and respect for our natural resources. We are thrilled to be a part of The World In A Garden’s Rain Barrel project, and we look forward to participating in events through 2014.
~ Chef Chris Whittaker, Forage Restaurant

Order Your Barrel(s) Today!
Click here for our Order Form. After you’ve completed your order form, make your payment here:

Cheque: Please make your cheque payable to THE WORLD IN A GARDEN and mail it to The World In A Garden, 103-2655 Cranberry Drive, Vancouver, BC V6K 4V5

PayPal: Click here to pay via PayPal or Credit Cards

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