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An educational

urban farm & garden project

The World In A Garden educates community and youth about the nutritional, cultural and environmental aspects of growing and eating food.

Local Demolition Spurs Global Inspiration


Local Demolition Spurs Global Inspiration

September 29, 2014

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After a disappointing demolishing of The World In A Garden’s educational garden at Vancouver Montessori School by CP Rail on August 14, 2014, the organization is setting its sights on global expansion. The garden bulldozing was the result of a long standing land dispute between the City of Vancouver and CP Rail, effecting the greenway along the Arbutus Corridor known as Arbutus Victory Gardens – some existing since World War 2.

While The World In A Garden awaits the fate of its 2 additional urban farm sites on the corridor, it’s taking the winter to continue it’s educational efforts in developing regions with the first two being in Costa Rica and India.

The Vancouver Montesorri school garden was in existence for 6 years, impacting hundreds of children’s lives as they learned about life-changing processes of the seed to table process. The World In A Garden is committed to educating communities on the environmental impacts of food choices, the cultural celebrations connected to food and the nutritional benefits of traditional foods.

“With visions of replicating our Vancouver project model” says Executive Director, Tricia Sedgwick, “we plan to eventually integrate our Rain Barrel project and Bee School for Kids that will teach diverse communities about the multifaceted ecological issues of sustainable food production”.

The non-profits programs take on an entrepreneurial spirit, implementing garden markets with its program participants where they sell personally harvested honey, fresh produce and hand made garden crafts. Selling to the local community really engages children in the creative process of building a local food system, if even on a small scale. As well, it challenges their developing minds to think about entrepreneurship in socially conscious ways. During the 2014 Bee School,  market proceeds were donated to the future global garden project in Chennai, India for children living in the slums.

While there is a definite disappointment around the destruction of the Vancouver Montesorri School garden, the newly launched Global Garden Project in partnership with Sanga Retreats and Ficus Tree Montessori School in Hermosa, Costa Rica will be a lasting new beginning. Additionally the support of sponsors such as  Happy Planet  has further fueled the global inspiration.


Media Contact:

Tricia Sedgwick | 604.340.2562 | tricia@theworldinagarden.com


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