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An educational

urban farm & garden project

The World In A Garden educates community and youth about the nutritional, cultural and environmental aspects of growing and eating food.

June 27, 2014 – Rain Barrels Press Release


For Immediate Release

During garden season, Vancouver households
use an extra 1,121 litres of water each day.
That’s equivalent to leaving your
kitchen tap running for almost 4 hours.

(June 27, 2014 – Vancouver) School is officially out and garden season is upon us.
The World In A Garden wants to help Vancouver residents conserve water, a
resource so precious and so often wasted without thought. Teaming up with Emiy
Carr University of Art & Design, LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, ChART, and
Flexahopper Plastics, The World In A Garden is producing 250 rain barrels to sell to
businesses with the rain barrels donated to schools that have gardens or
sustainability programming.
Using recycled blue barrels from LUSH, artists from LUSH staff and Emily Carr have
created five beautifully designed barrels that will help conserve 1,231,750 litres of
water each year. Forage Restaurant was the first business to donate a barrel and
the teachers and students at the Vancouver Montessori School where happy to
receive it. “As teachers we encourage conservation in a time of climate change. We
want our students to be part of the next generation of citizens ready to face
the future,” says teacher Jocelyn Demers, “and with water management being a top
priority, The World In A Garden rain barrel kit is the perfect fit!”
Forage Restaurant says their contribution is perfectly in line with their philosophy.
“It’s all about community, from where we grow and procure our food to the diners
that join us each day. Our Water Ways program continues that feeling of community
by allowing us to donate funds to organizations that reach out further into our region,
providing education, hands on experiences and respect for our natural resources,”
explains Forage’s Chef Chris Whittaker. The local non-profit is planning a series of
events throughout the year to raise awareness of water conservation issues and
their rain barrel project. Whittaker says Forage restaurant is “thrilled to be a part of
The World In A Garden’s Rain Barrel project” and looks forward to participating in
events through 2014. Water use has been increasing at twice the rate of population
growth over the last century and harvesting rain water is easy to do, reduces
environmental stress, can lower residential water bills and reduce total water usage.
It also supports Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020 Action Plan to reduce per capita
water consumption by 33% from 2006 levels.
The World In A Garden is a multicultural urban farm and garden project that
educates community and youth about the nutritional, cultural and environmental
aspects of growing and eating food. Businesses interested in purchasing a rain
barrel can contact The World In A Garden and if they don’t have a school in mind to
donate it to, The World In A Garden can suggest one. Schools interested in getting
on the waiting list can also contact the organization. More information and a glance
at the beautiful rain barrel designs can be found on their website at

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