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An educational

urban farm & garden project

The World In A Garden educates community and youth about the nutritional, cultural and environmental aspects of growing and eating food.

Press Release: August 14, 2014 – CP Rail demolishes school garden


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CP Rail Demolishes School Garden

August 14, 2014 (Vancouver, BC) – Since 2007, The World In A Garden, an urban educational farm project has developed urban farm sites along the Arbutus Corridor. Yesterday, CP Rail started bulldozing the Arbutus gardens apart. One of the impacted gardens was a garden that The World In A Garden built with Vancouver Montessori School. Tricia Sedgwick, The World In A Garden’s Executive Director says, “It’s hard to understand why CP would destroy a school garden without any concrete plans for the railway land.”

The School garden has been in existence for 6 years and positively impacted hundreds of children’s lives as they learn about life-changing processes of the seed to table process, the environmental impacts of their food choices and the various cultural celebrations connected to food. The children have hosted over 30 harvest celebrations and local food markets that raise money for children’s gardens in developing regions. Many children have attended The World In A Garden’s Bee School for Kids, hosted at their urban farm site near 57th and East Blvd. (also at risk of demolition).

“Over the years, we have contacted CP and they have never responded. Quite different from the role adopted by the City of Vancouver over the years.” Sedgwick adds, “The city has been investing in the beautiful green ways and supporting the community building that comes with implementing such important projects.”


It is known that the demolition crew is working its way north to The World In A Garden’s main site. They will destroy native plants, large fruit trees, and a rain garden. Sedgwick notes, “It takes time to establish these gardens. Not only is it a disappointment to have less then 30 days notice, but CP rail did not even attempt to meet with organizations prior to planting this year, and instead of chosen to hide behind their corporate mask. CP Rail has not even slightly acknowledged the community that they work in.”


The World In A Garden is committed to educating the community and future generations to move towards a greener future. We have had the honour to educate thousands of people over the years through our corporate team building, internships, community events, workshops, markets, social media and more.  Our garden sites have been the most valuable asset to be able to facilitate this community capacity building. Today, we are at the Garden at 57th and East Blvd wondering how fast the bulldozers are coming.

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