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An educational

urban farm & garden project

The World In A Garden educates community and youth about the nutritional, cultural and environmental aspects of growing and eating food.

Tricia Sedgwick, Founder

Tricia happy in the gardenTricia is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist with a background in Environmental Studies. She spearheaded The World In A Garden, a multicultural urban farm project that educates youth and community on the cultural, nutritional and environmental benefits of eating and growing food.

With a global vision to build in developing regions, Tricia was honoured to launch the Global Garden Project initiative in Costa Rica in October 2014 with Sanga Retreats!

Additionally, Tricia is trained in classical Yoga and completed her 200 hour Arkaya Yoga teacher training in India  with her teacher, Yogacharini Maitreyi .

She loves to write, speak, travel the world, inspire and coach with her nutrition business www.triciasedgwick.com.

Tricia is passionate about bees, eating honey off the hives with kids but that’s just the beginning!


Markus Storhas, Beekeeper
Markus, beekeeperMarkus Storhas is a 3rd generation beekeeper and was introduced to beekeeping by his father as a young boy in Germany where he was born and raised. By age 14 Markus started his own hives and within 2 years he was managing 2 dozen hives that earned him a little pocket money while fulfilling his new found passion.

Where ever Markus moved later in life, he took the bees with him, until his last move 9 years ago to Vancouver where he started again with local bees. He learned to care for and also respect these new little wonders of nature.

In 2006 he took a Master Beekeeping course and now breeds his own queens. Markus believes in working in harmony with the natural environment and manages his bees organically.

Today Mr. Storhas keeps his bees in Kitsilano, Kerrisdale and Delta where they fly from blossom to blossom to pollinate the flowers while increasing the crop’s size and number. You can find The World In A Garden honey at the Kerrisdale market, online or on site where the honey reflects the flavours of the garden. Markus also sells at his honey stand in Kitsilano using the honour system and supplies to a local bakery.

You can always strike up a conversation with Markus when it comes to bees or honey and if you’re lucky he might just show you the hives or give a sample! You can also watch Markus in action at The World In A Garden with Tricia in the new documentary, Saving The Life Keepers.


Bonita Jo Magee, Project Manager

BonitaPearlWith a background in wilderness and wildlife preservation, environmental studies, food security and gardening, I am always amazed by things that come out of the ground. ~ Bonita Jo Magee, Grounded In Vancouver




Joey Liu, Volunteer & Community Development Coordinator

joeyJoey loves food and is happiest when sharing meals with others, especially the kind that forces you to unbutton your pants and lie there in a catatonic state. Her passion for food also includes cooking, nutrition, sustainable agriculture and food security. She has volunteered on organic farms in New Zealand, Vancouver Island and Vancouver, and she loves playing in the dirt with The World In A Garden.
She is also the creator of The Food Connection, a project that brings the community together to share monthly potlucks and free food workshops at Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House.
Joey’s dream is to have a retreat somewhere in the wilderness where people can collaborate, be creative, grow food and cook together. Currently she is itching to explore beekeeping, therapeutic gardening and natural dyeing.


Sherry Lin, Community Outreach Coordinator

SherrySherry is currently a third year student majoring in Global Resource System at UBC. This is an exciting year for Sherry as she looks forward to filling her internship with The World In A Garden!  At just 21 years of age, she has lived in three different countries. And just like most of us, Sherry was looking to discover her passions and found gardening to be one of the things that really fulfills her.  She loves getting her hands dirty, despite having been a child who screamed at the site of an earthworm! She says that discovering the beauty and significance of soil helped her overcome the strange fear of nature. Today she is very excited to start a new adventure with The World In A Garden and meet people coming here to join us! When her hands are clean (from dirt) you can find her enjoying pottery, woodturning and photography.

Sherry is currently on educational leave