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An educational

urban farm & garden project

The World In A Garden educates community and youth about the nutritional, cultural and environmental aspects of growing and eating food.

The World In A Garden is a multicultural urban farm and garden project that educates community and youth about the nutritional, cultural  and environmental aspects of growing and eating food.


Our farms are located between East and West Boulevard between 57th &  55th Avenue in Vancouver, we’re along the railway tracks so look for our sign! We have many opportunities for you to get involved, including our drop-in Mondays from 3-5pm. Visit our Get Involved page for more information.


Our educational programming includes nutrition and environmental education workshops, youth leadership, our Bee-Coming Leaders: Bee School for Kids!  and school programs.


The World In A Garden provides a community space to grow traditional and culturally appropriate foods from various ethnic backgrounds. This allows traditional food culture knowledge to be preserved and shared within the community. Our Cultural Potlucks are an engaging  way to celebrate, share and learn about various cultural food choices, growing techniques, and nutritional benefits of unique food varieties.

Sustainable Food Production:

Our current plans for expansion include the development of an interactive and educational urban farm site that will include diversified food production. The new site is planned to include vertical food growing, and a chicken coop to display what is possible in urban spaces.

Social Enterprise:

We are growing in a variety of ways to be financially self-sustaining with a social enterprise that includes our rain barrel project, farmers’ market sales, honey from our bees, gift baskets and educational programs.

Our Global Vision:

The World In A Garden is working to launch The Global Garden Project with the first pilot project in Costa Rica in October 2014. Additionally, we are currently working to install gardens in Chennai India in January 2015 in order to support self-sustaining community building and the interconnectedness of cultures through food production.