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An educational

urban farm & garden project

The World In A Garden educates community and youth about the nutritional, cultural and environmental aspects of growing and eating food.
Dec 092010


The World in a Garden is excited to announce a new way to do your holiday giving as well as help the garden grow! This year  Seeds of Plenty’s ethical gift baskets will donate $5 of every basket back to the garden!

Here’s more from Seeds of Plenty:

This little sprouted cookie company makes baskets of huge value!

Filled with a  variety of artisan products by those who share our commitment to social responsibility and environmental sustainability the value of our product reaches far beyond your dollar. Our baskets feature local companies who are committed to ethical sourcing of ingredients and products.

With a focus on food provenance we are showcasing companies such as Dao Tea, Farmstead Wines, Terra Breads and of course our own organic sprouted flour cookies made from ancient grains.  From our hands to your mouth each cookie is made with the finest fair trade and organic ingredients with your health and taste buds in mind.

Please view this Seeds of Plenty Holiday Basket Order Form to contact us about our signature or custom made baskets to fill your corporate or personal gift needs.  

Also this year we are featuring Water Hyacinth baskets. Water Hyacinth is an invasive water weed found throughout  Africa and China where it has infested many water bodies, causing a decline of native biodiversity & deterioration of aquatic environments as well as  the spread of malaria. Creating a viable ecological and economical solution to the problem, locals are harvesting the water hyacinth to manufacture basket and furniture – and we want to support them!

 Seeds of Plenty also offers the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday treat with our individual packages of 6 cookies. Orders can be processed by email, phone or on our website at www.seedsofplenty.com   Please pass this along to family, friends and colleagues.

May this message find you well and we wish you a wonderful holiday season!

Ethical Fundraising with Seeds of Plenty's holiday baskets

Nov 072010

Thank you to everyone who came out to A Fresh Event! Our wonderful sponsors and volunteers made for smooth sailing as we hosted over 200 people at the Ridge Theatre. We recieved ample praise for the tasty food and drinks as well as our organization partners who had lots to share on sustainable food systems. With raffle prizes from Choices Market, FarmFolkCityFolk, Seeds of Plenty, Ethical Bean & Edible British Columbia in addition to our artisan gift bags… who could ask for more?

Of course there was more, there was the film FRESH and it was fabulous. As I farewelled our guests at the door numerous individuals shared that the film positively influenced them and the way they think about food. Heck, I was inspired from all the inspiration floating around the theatre. So again thank you to each one of you who came last Thursday and  most importantly The World in a Garden sends an overwhelming thank you to our event partner, FarmFolkCityFolk.
Ms. Magee, you are a charm and you know how to make things happen :) and Nicholas Scapillati, the new Executive Director at FFCF, it’s great to have you on board!

- Home Grow-in Grocer, Hardbite Chips, Tower Foods Antipasto, Wendy Boys’ Cocolico chocolate sauce, JB’s Candy Store Home-made Caramel Popcorn, Green Zebra, Vij’s, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, Choices Markets, Edible British Columbia, Terra Breads and Seeds of Plenty. Pouring farm to table refreshments: Ethical Bean Coffee, Farmstead Wines, Crannog Ales and Dao Tea.
PARTNER ORGANIZATIONS:- Foodtree, Environmental Youth Alliance, Sole Food, Project Somos and Fresh Roots

A FRESH Event Organizers (Tricia and Bonita) with Dominic of Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

Nov 022010

1.       You will be watching our feature  film, FRESH,  www.freshthemovie.ca and it’s an excellent watch!

2.       You’ll  be supporting the work of 2 great organizations that make local food happen: www.farmfolkcityfolk.ca  and www.theworldinagarden.com

3.       Enjoy complimentary Artisan Gifts Bags valued at over $50 with  Home Grow-in Grocer and Terra Breads gift certificates, antipasto by Tower Foods, Cocolico Chocolate Sauce by Wendy Boys, JB’s Candy Store home-made caramel popcorn, a Green Zebra coupon book and a Nature’s Path Granola bar!

4.       Taste the goodness of fresh and local preparations from our generous sponsors: Windset Farms, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co., Vij’s, Terra Breads and Edible British Columbia

5.       Experience the flavours of our Farm to Table liquids including: Farmstead wines, Crannog Ales, Dao Tea and Ethical Bean Coffee

6.       There are Door Prizes to be won!

7.       Raffle items include gift baskets from: Seeds of Plenty, Ethical Bean, FarmFolkCityFolk, Edible British Columbia and Choices Market

8.       The first 200 people  to purchase tickets online will be entered to win 2 tickets to the 2011 Feast of Fields www.feastoffields.com ($190 value) and we’re almost there so get online today to order yours at www.festivalcinemas.ca

9.       All this for only  $27! Because it’s so much more than a Film Screening, it’s “A Fresh Event”

Oct 202010

 Read all the details below so you don’t miss a thing!  



 The World in a Garden and FarmFolkCityFolk are coming together with Festival Cinemas to present the film FRESH – and it’s so much more than a movie screening, it’s “A Fresh Event”!

Join us for a thoughtful event of all things good: food, drinks, people, artisan gift bags, FRESH and more. (Must be 19+ to attend.)

 Delectable treats featuring ethically produced and local ingredients will be served by Vij’s, Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company, Edible BC, Choices Markets, Terra Breads and Seeds of Plenty. Pouring farm to table refreshments are Ethical Bean Coffee, Farmstead Wines, Crannog Ales and Dao Tea.

o      Meet the organizations and the people who make local food happen such as FarmFolkCityFolk, The World in a Garden, Sole Food, Foodtree, Kits Growers Market and Fresh Roots.

o    In addition you can buy a signed copy of The Tyee’s new book Harvested Here, purchase a 2011 Green Zebra coupon book or bid on our silent auction prize!

o       Guests will receive a gift bag full of goodies from Home Grow-in Grocer, Tower Foods Antipasto, Wendy Boys’ Cocolico chocolate sauce, JB’s Candy Store Home-made Caramel Popcorn and Green Zebra coupon book!

Be the first of 200 to purchase on line tickets for a chance to win 2 tickets to the 2011 Feast of Fields http://www.feastoffields.com  ( $190.00 value and BC’s best foodie event!) That’s 1 chance in 200 and some great odds! Order tickets online at http://www.festivalcinemas.ca or purchase tickets at the Ridge Theatre.

o       Door prizes include Seeds of Plenty, Natures Path and Ethical Bean gift baskets

About the Movie:
FRESH the movie celebrates the farmers, thinkers and business people across America who are re-inventing our food system. Forging healthier, sustainable alternatives, they offer a practical vision for a future of our food and our planet. FRESH features urban farmer and activist, Will Allen, sustainable farmer and entrepreneur, Joel Salatin, made famous by Michael Pollan’s book, The Omnivore’s Dilemma; and supermarket owner, David Ball, challenging our Wal-Mart dominated economy. To get a taste of FRESH the movie, click here: www.freshthemovie.com

The screening will raise money and awareness for sustainable food systems and the community work our organizations do to support farm to table connections. As part of the event we are inviting our partners who are committed to the work we believe in and have helped us along the way.


Sep 022010

The Vancouver Courier reports composting takes some know-how to get it right.

The front page of The Vancouver Courier last month stated, “Plastics pose contaminant problems at compost site”.  The article goes on to explain that although individual and collective composting efforts are on the rise in Vancouver, there are some key things that many people don’t practice.

Naoibh O’Connor’s article focused on the hazards of plastics for large-scale compost plants.  This is good to keep in mind especially if you’re participating in the City’s new residential compost plan. As many businesses move to presenting products as more ‘eco-friendly’, many things are promoted as ‘compostable’ or ‘100% biodegradable’.  But, as the Courier tells us, that doesn’t mean that it’s right for composting!

But there’s a lot to learn from this report even if you compost on your own terms.  Whether you keep a vermiculture (worm) system or you’re a keen outdoor or open-air composter, it’s important to get some basic compost training.  There’s no better way to get started than in a friendly outdoor classroom.  Come join us this Sunday, September 5th, to learn from experienced composters about how to get started composting and how to keep it up.  At The World In A Garden’s Compost Workshop we’ll cover natural solutions to common compost problems and have two engaging hands-on demonstrations. 

Soon you’ll be enthusiastically composting at home, without the bother of various contaminant problems that The Vancouver Courier warns us large scale composting can face.

Aug 252010

Partake in an indoor or outdoor composting session – or become an expert at both!  Do you have a garden (or garden dreams) that could use natural, inexpensive, nutrient-rich soil?  Get to the outdoor session! Are you tired of waiting for the city to bring composting to your apartment building?  Why hold back – walk away with your very own vermiculture system!  Take your first steps to dramatically reducing waste and enriching your garden.

Composting Workshop - September 5th